How to Iron a Transfer on a T-Shirt?


Many people use T-shirt iron-on transfers to create clothing designs that aren't normally sold in stores. It's a way to express oneself through rare clothing. Office Depot, Wayfair, eBay and many other stores sell t-shirt iron-on transfers.
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1. Gather all of the materials you'll need and head to the computer to choose your design. Be sure that it's a high resolution image, and that it'll show up well on the color of t-shirt
Learning how to iron a dress shirt properly requires practice, and lots of it. Even if you know the basics of how it's done, it requires skill in handling the clothes iron so that
1 Start with a freshly laundered shirt. When your shirt comes out of dryer, shake it out, smooth it with your hands and hang it on a shirt hanger. Button the top button. Ad 2 Fill
try with very light heat.
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How to Make T-Shirt Iron On Transfers
Have you ever wanted to make your own t-shirt with an iron on transfer? Create original designs, iron on family photos or use that special skyline you love to look at. It's not a very hard process, and t-shirts makes a great gift!... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
The first step in ironing a transfer on a t-shirt is plugging an iron in and setting the temperature on the setting the iron-on recommends. Lay out the t-shirt on a smooth surface, such as an ironing board or table. If using a table, place a towel underneath to prevent damage. Make sure the t-shirt has no creases or wrinkles. Place the iron-on in the desired location and set the iron on top of the transfer for the designated amount of time. Peel the iron transfer slowly.
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