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The life expectancy of a tabby cat is 30 years maximum, in only instances where they have a healthy diet and outstanding veterinary care. Indoor cats live averagely to approximately 17.5 years of age. Some occasions that can lead to the cat's death include injuries, an attack from another animal or a disease. They should be kept indoors and be fed with energy building meals.
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An indoor cat has a general life expectancy of 12-18 years whereas an outdoor cat is usually only 4-5 years of age. the oldest cat on record lived to the age of 28! Look here for
usually the life span of the tabby cat is not very long according to me but if your conccerened about it make sure u feed it two times a day little cups though. Oh make surte you
Hi there.provided the cat sees a veterinarian for regular check ups, is spayed/neutered and is a healthy weight the average lifespan is between15-18 years. Some cats can live beyond
1. Keep your cat inside. This is one of the most important things you can do for your cat. Outdoor cats are susceptible to injury, disease, attack by other animals and human cruelty
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