Tabular Data Control TDC Ocx?


Tabular Data Control TDC Ocx is a Microsoft ActiveX control, which is hosted by Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. Its main purpose is to filter and sort operations to the client side and to provide interfaces. It supports methods like the description of data files and data sort support.
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An easy way is to use CListCtrl in report mode:
You're looking for DataGridView. Which looks like so (don't worry, the colors are fully configurable (;): And has many advances capabilities such as DataBinding and paging. Here's
You can do all of that with a dataGrid and you can bind to all sorts of things, even Strongly Typed Collections. In addition, you can do all that you want with Combo boxes and all
If you don't want to use a datagrid to display data I sugest using a textbox with a monospace font at least, like courier new.
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Tabular Data Control TDC Ocx is the file which the Tabular Data Control is found in. Using FlexGrid control, you can create utilities that edit, display, filter, ...
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