Tag Heuer Model Numbers?


Model numbers for Tag Heuer watches can be found on the back of the timepiece. These are identified by either 2 or 3 letters followed by the 5 digit serial number of the watch. There are numerous models to choose from available on the official Tag Heuer website. These watches are primarily marketed towards men and exude a high class sportsman quality, but the company also produces a watch line for women called Link Lady.
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1. Turn your watch over so that it is face down. 2. Look at the back of the timepiece. There are two numbers. The first is your watch's model number (sometimes called reference number
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1 - 800.321.4832 is the toll free number for TAG Heuer watches.
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How to Read a Tag Heuer Model Number
Tag Heuer has been a leading maker of timepieces since 1860. Known for their innovative design and construction, they have graced the wrists of notable people throughout history. It's no surprise that Tag Heuer watches do not come cheap. If you have... More »
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