Taking Care of the Skeletal System?


To take care of the skeletal system, you need to eat foods that are high in calcium as well as those containing vitamin D. Ensure that you perform weight-bearing, collision exercises and lift weights so as to strengthen your muscles and bones.
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1. Eat foods high in calcium, such as dairy products, to build strong bones. Include foods containing lower amounts of calcium, such as spinach and fortified cereals, in your diet
having a healthy lifestyle (good amount of sleep, vitamins, healthy foods, milk, exercise) get plenty of calcium, vitamins, and minerals
by taking care of three aspects-strength,stamina and strechability.isometric weight anti gravity exercises against force by lifting yourselves on your toes etc.also forms hormones
The skeletal system refers to the bones that are connected to provide the framework for our bodies. The skeletal system is comprised of 206 bones and protects the body's vital organs
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How to Take Care of the Skeletal System
Your skeletal system performs crucial functions, including storing minerals and producing blood. Strong and healthy bones can protect you from serious health problems such as osteoporosis. This disease, which causes bone tissue deterioration, threatens... More »
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