Talk to a Shy Guy?


To get a shy guy to talk more, you must make him feel comfortable in your presence. You can also tell a shy guy a joke in order to break the ice and start a conversation.
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1. Find out some of his biggest interests before approaching him, if possible. Do this by asking his acquaintances or by paying attention to what he seems drawn too. For example,
1 First just try to wave at him,or at the very least, smile. Ad 2 After a couple days of shyness, try to gather up more courage. Say, "Hi -insert name here-" every day,
It is not always easy to tell if a shy guy likes you. One of the most obvious ways is to see if he looks at you often. You can also be the pushy one and ask him out.
Be Very calm and nice and talk about some things on tv or a favorite restuarant Never ask him questions until you know him better if you ask questions he may become shy again.
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