How to Remove a Stuck Tampon?


If a tampon has been stuck inside of you, just don't panic. The vagina is only three inches deep, so it won't go anywhere. If the string has broke and you get it 'stuck' all you have to do is stick your fingers up their and grab it. If you can't grab it, have somebody you trust, like a best friend or boyfriend, and have them grab it carefully with tweezers.
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1. Wash your hands before trying to retrieve the stuck tampon. Clipping your nails may be a good idea too. 2. Sit on the toilet and prop your feet upon a trashcan or the bathtub and
It comes out by itself after a few days but if you don't get it removed you will be risking Toxic Shock Syndrome. If you feel you can't remove it try pouring water on it to loosen
She should clean her hands, squat, and push. Then try to fish it's-tamp...
1. Thoroughly wash your hands. This prevents introducing outside bacteria into the vagina. Ideally, the woman would also have short nails, and no open cuts on her fingers. 2. Remove
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A tampon cannot get stuck in the cervix. This because the cervix is a very tiny opening that only naturally allows blood and semen. A lot of pressure has to be ...
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