Where can I find the tank cheat for "Grand Theft Auto IV"?


There is not a cheat code that spawns a tank in "Grand Theft Auto IV." There are, however, many other codes that can still help out a player's game play.

Cheat codes are used by dialing phone numbers into the character's cell phone in "Grand Theft Auto IV." To restore his health, armor and ammo, dial 482-555-0100. To spawn a selection of weapons, dial 486-555-0100 or 486-555-0150. To lower his wanted level, dial 267-555-0100.

Using cheat codes can be very helpful and fun. Some codes temporarily disable certain challenges or achievements, however, so players should be careful which ones they dial. The challenges or achievements are only disabled for the duration the cheat is used.

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First, get the ballad of gay tony game add on. You can download this from the live marketplace or go out to a video game store and buy the GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City game. Then
Grand Theft Auto 4 does not have a cheat code for a tank. That was a code that
1. Press "Up" on the directional pad to access your cell phone if you have an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 controller. If you are on a PC, press the "Up Arrow" key.
Cheats should be entered during normal gameplay. Enter the code 272-555-8265 on Luis' cellphone to spawn the APC or tank. Once the cheat is entered, a. Cheat Activated. message will
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