How do you turn a sunburn into a tan?


A sunburn should naturally turn into a tan if peeling can be avoided. To turn the sunburn into a tan, use healing remedies to avoid the skin damage that results from peeling.

First, apply a cool compress, or take a cool bath to slow the burning. Adding cider vinegar to the bath balances the pH. An oatmeal bath also promotes healing. Keep the skin hydrated, especially with products containing aloe vera and vitamin E. Essential oil of St. John's wort also soothes sunburned skin, though it makes the skin sensitive to further burn. Other home remedies, such as masks of cucumber paste, cool milk, black tea, corn starch and potato mash, help alleviate the pain and keep skin from peeling.

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1. Cool sunburned skin immediately. Step into a cool shower right after you come in out of the sun. Cooling the burn minimizes damage to skin layers. Ad. 2. Apply Aloe Vera gel to
1 The first way to treat sunburn is to avoid it completely. Avoiding sunburn can be done by not staying in to sun too long and wearing plenty of sunscreen. A hat and sunglasses can
a tan IS sunburn. you just cooked your skin, basicly.
Unfortunately, once you've been sunburned-much like any type of bur...
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