Tapeworm Adaptations?


The life cycle or adaptation of the tapeworm has developed over time to increase their chances of living in their host. In the earliest stages in their life cycle, they develop six hooks that enable them to burrow into the host to get to the bloodstream. Adults have four hooks on the sclolex, which is in the back end, and it enables them to attach to the intestinal wall of the host. The adults have adapted in a way that they release their eggs, both male and female, into the intestine of the host.
Q&A Related to "Tapeworm Adaptations?"
if another dog has tapeworm and goes for a poo , other dogs tend to eat other animals poo, and ingest it this way, tapeworm is adapted to its host by warmth, food and moisture i believe
The tapeworm absorbs nutrients through its skin as the food being
A lot of eggs, hooks on the head, survivability of eggs in environment, etc. Here is a page. http://www.metapathogen.com/taenia/.
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