How do you set up and use a Targus wireless computer mouse?


Targus wireless mouse instructions give a guideline on how you can install and use the mouse on your computer. To set up and use this mouse, you open the battery cover which is on the underside of the device, insert the batteries and power on the mouse. Next, on your computer, you plug the USB receiver into an open USB port. Establish a communications link between the mouse and receiver by pressing the link button on the receiver and the reset button on the mouse. Install the software driver for the Targus wireless mouse and its ready for use.
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I have a Targus wireless mouse. When I plugged it in it said it downloaded successfully but the mouse does not work. The light is on the mouse showing the battery works. What do I
did you find the wireless RF receiver as well, that needs to be plugged into a USB port in order for the computer to recognize the mouse, good luck.
I don't have one anymore. I remember there was a little base that was put on the floor that would make it work.but sorry I use this years ago and don't have the directions.did anything
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