Tattoo Ideas for Best Friends?


When it comes to best friends getting tattoos, it is important that you not use names. The only time you should have names on your body is if it is a brother/sister, mother/father, child, or other family member. Friendships change, so you want something that can have a dual meaning or something that can be altered should the friendship fizzle. Both friends should get identical tattoos, but symbolism should be used. An example is getting the same kind of flower with something like a heart as the center or a few musical notes around it to symbolize harmony.
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1. Brainstorm appealing images. Consider things that are meaningful to you or art styles that you like. For example, if you are into gardening and manga comics, you could get a tattoo
Perhaps things like a type of plant, or animal. Or get words like joy, luck,
Mathematical formulas - there's a lot of 'em, pick your favorite.
Boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband names!!!!!!
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Tattoo Ideas for Best Friends
Tattooing has been practiced for centuries in a variety of cultures, with ink inserted in to the skin using different objects like pins, sticks or knives. The patterns left on the skin can mean a variety of things that are important to the person wearing... More »
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Since tattoos are forever and so are best friends, what better way to honor that friendship then with matching tattoos. A few of the more popular tattoo ideas include; inside jokes, yin and yang, infinity symbol, song lyrics, and puzzle pieces. If friends have an inside joke, putting that special meaning into a tattoo is an excellent tattoo idea. Since yin and yang represent balance, it can be used for matching or coordinating tattoos. Infinity, meaning forever, is perfect for best friends forever. Using lyrics from a shared favorite song is a unique way to honor a friendship along with using puzzle pieces made to interlock showing your connection as friends.
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Some good memorial tattoos that you can get in memory of your best friend would be his or her name. You can also have his or her birth date, favorite poem or prayer ...
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