Tattoo Modeling Agencies?


There are some modeling agencies that accept prospective models who have tattoos, but most modeling agencies don't hire female or male models with tattoos. Of course, there are some famous supermodels who proudly sport tattoos, but in most cases these models were already established in their field before adding these adornments. Tattoos can compete for attention with the clothes and accessories a model is wearing to represent a client, so the tattoos can negatively affect their earning power.
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You will need to get people and portfolio's. Then you will need to build the business relationship of those who will use your people for paid work.
1. Do your research. The best modeling agencies for new models are typically the smaller, local ones. Go online and find at least three modeling agencies in your area. If their website
1. Research agencies in the area you want to model in. You can do this by checking through your phone book or using an internet search engine. 2. Find out what each agency wants.
Suicide Girls is one. I guess it depends on where you live.
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