What are tattoo phrases?


Tattoo phrases may consist of a phrase such as the simple word 'MOM'. Also some tattoo phrases are lyrics from songs. Other tattoo phrases are popular phrases used in daily language.
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שמך אני. This would be a perfect for someone who wanted a Hebrew tattoo. Answer: As a Hebrew speaker, the above phrase seems to make no sense.
Song lyrics, Music Notes, dream as if you will live forever live as if you will die
Well I'm a TATTOO ADDICT and I design my own but don't have any yet but when I get them the ones I want are Forgive & Forget but written pretty, then One Life One Chance butr
Both have very personal meaning to me and would be over/above some bad scars as a i result of self harming, and so it means a lot that i have both phrases, i dont want to have to
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