What is a good tattoo placement on women?


Two factors contribute to the best tattoo placements: level of pain tolerance and visibility. Some women want a noticeable tattoo, while others prefer discretion for professional reasons. All Women Stalk recommends the inner wrist as the best location because of little pain and the ability to cover the tattoo.

The ankle is another position for a tattoo with minimal pain. It also allows for coverage at work and more open visibility elsewhere. Upper arms have a good cushion, which helps minimize pain. Visibility is high with short sleeves, but longer-sleeved work clothes cover the tattoo. An upper back tattoo has little exposure risk at work and is prominent for more provocative going-out attire.

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1. Consider your lifestyle. Most people would like a tattoo, but do not want everyone to see it all the time. This requires placement that will be at least semi-discreet. Although
depends on the person.I personally like outside of calve and shoulder.I don't like tramp stamps b/c everyone has them there! I have one on my finger.it's my wedding ring.it's cute
Foot, wrist, ribs and hip. Source(s): I have tattoos in all them places and they are very feminine especially the ones on my hip and ribs because they flow right with curves.
1. Decide whether you want to have a realistic depiction of a butterfly. Many women prefer to incorporate a more fictional vision of a butterfly; one that is almost mythical and ethereal
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Tattoo Placement on Women
Tattoos on women have become more socially acceptable over the years. It's no longer unusual and uncommon to see a woman with one or more tattoos. Tattoo designs for women are often bright and feminine looking, the lines are thinner and more delicate,... More »
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For women, the arms and wrists are good places for tattoos of vines and delicate designs that resemble bracelets. Arm tattoos are also popular among men. The back ...
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Tattoo designs of women are as varied as women themselves. Some women opt for a small tattoo, while others go for full body tattoos. The most common spot for a ...
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