What are some examples of tattoos symbolizing sisterhood?


The most popular tattoo that symbolizes sisterhood is the Celtic knot. It represents female deities. Another tattoo that symbolizes sisterhood is the triqueta.
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The Celtic trinity knot like on the show Charmed " Threee acting as one"
Here's a Celtic symbol that I came across. if you can't see the rest at the end it's .jpg. Source(s) www.femailcreations.com/itm_img/46106.jp….
There are many sister symbols from many different cultures. The triquetra is a
1. Undertake some research on the internet into some of the tattoo symbols you have seen recently. If you do not know the name, then describe the design to a friend who may have a
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There are various symbols that are used to represent sisterhood. A sisterhood can exist between sisters who are real siblings, a good friendship between two or ...
The symbolism of an eagle tattoo typically is freedom. What is more important is how the person wearing the tattoo feels about the symbolism. ...
For those that are considering getting tattoos with Polish symbols in order to honor their heritage, the actual tattoo parlor you are visiting may have a book ...
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