How do you search for a federal tax ID number?


There are a number of private companies that collect information about companies and their tax identification number. For a small fee, they will grant access to their database of information.
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1. Search for your business EIN. You will find this number on the confirmation notice your received when the IRS issued your number. If you are unable to locate the notice, you can
1. Review your paycheck stub, if available. Occasionally, the employer's number can be located there. 2. Review your W-2 Internal Revenue Service tax form. The employer's identification
1. Contact the employer's human resources department and request the Federal Tax ID Number. If you are or were an employee for the company, you should be given the number. The employer's
1. Navigate to the state of Pennsylvania Revenue E-Services website. 2. Click on the "Click here to proceed to the OBRI" link. If you need information about fees, schedules
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How to Find a Company's Tax ID Number for Free
Companies receive tax identification numbers after registering with the federal government. A company that provides products or services must get a tax ID number so that appropriate government taxes are collected. Tax ID numbers are included on many... More »
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