TCP Three Way Handshake?


The three-way handshake in Transmission Control Protocol (also called the three message handshake) is the manner used to establish and tear down network associations. This handshaking technique is referred to as the 3-way handshake.
Q&A Related to "TCP Three Way Handshake"
The 3-way handshake is needed to establish a reliable connection (as opposed to an unreliable connection such as UDP). The handshake allows the server and client to agree on properties
If TCP connections do not complete this process there is no communication? That is why TCP is considered reliable How TCP works TCP is based on point-to-point communication between
To understand the TCP split-handshake attack you need to understand how network devices build TCP connections. I'm going to assume you are familiar with the TCP three-way handshake.
We are trying to introduce QoS into our VOIP services. While working on this we have observed that TCP three way handshake never tag with DSCP value. We have reproduced the issue
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