What are some tea party games for ladies?


There are many games that can be played at a ladies tea party. They include Name that Beverage, Tea Word Game (where you find words that start or end in the letter T), Name the TV daughters, Name the Tea type, and The Price is Right (ladies will try to guess the price of various tea items). Some other tea party games can be ice breaker style games such as Have You Ever, or Memory.
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1. Invite tea party guests ahead of time. For informal parties, MarthaStewart.com recommends telephoning your guests a few weeks in advance. (Written invitations are not necessary
Spin the Bottle is a party game in which several players sit in a
There are no games at a tea party. Conversation is the entertainment of the day. The girls dress up, sit politely at the table and learn how to behave properly while having tea ,
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Games for Ladies Tea Parties
A tea party is a fun way to get together with the ladies and enjoy different flavors of tea, delicious food and each others' company. You can plan some fun games for your tea party guests to play to keep the guests entertained once the conversation... More »
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