How do I send an email?


When you have got an email address and logged into your email account this is how you send an email. Click on the 'Compose' or 'New email' fields, then enter the email address you want to send to in the 'To' or 'Recipients' field, type in the subject of the email in the 'Subject' field then after typing out your message, click on the 'send' button.
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To send an email log into your email provider. Type out your email and address the email to who you would like to send it to. Click the send button and wait for your confirmation.
1. Write a letter to send home detailing your email lesson. Make sure that all of the parents are on board with teaching their children how to email. Some families may have strict
1. Visit either,, or and choose the AVI file that you want to send. You will either have to click "Browse" or "Select File
1. Open your email account on your computer or cell phone if you have the email application. 2. Enter the Boost Mobile cell phone's email address in the "To: field of the email
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