How do I send an email?


When you have got an email address and logged into your email account this is how you send an email. Click on the 'Compose' or 'New email' fields, then enter the email address you want to send to in the 'To' or 'Recipients' field, type in the subject of the email in the 'Subject' field then after typing out your message, click on the 'send' button.
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1. Write a letter to send home detailing your email lesson. Make sure that all of the parents are on board with teaching their children how to email. Some families may have strict
1. Open your cell phone's email client. Certain cell phones may have a "Mail" application right on the main menu, while others may make you open a "Messaging"
1. Locate the URL of the image to be included in the email message. To view an image's URL, right-click on the image and select "Copy image location. If the image you wish to
1. Write the email you wish to send. Choose whether or not you want the email recipients to see each other on the email or only receive a copy of the message. The CC field means you
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