How do you write a personal mission statement for teachers?


It is important for all teachers to have a mission statement. One way to write a mission statement for teachers is to let others know what they want to accomplish in the year. They can also put more long-term goals on there.
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1. Determine what you want your mission statement to convey, and consider what you want to achieve or contribute as an educator. What do you you want to give your students? A safe
A mission statement is a phrase commonly used to refer to a goal that someone or something has set for themselves. A mission statement typically consists of only one or two sentences
The mission statement should clearly depict the purpose of the business, the goods or services provided, and the intent of the company as to how it will serve both its customers and
Hi Katie, This might help: I can't say that it is a Mission Statement, however, it is something that I encouraged in my classes. *We Are All Learners and Teachers. There is no individual
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