What are some team spirit slogans?


Give me a T! What does it stand for?! Team!

When choosing a team spirit slogan, the goal is to motivate the team and the people going to see the game. Think about your audience and what type of slogan they would best respond to – silly, funny, inspirational, smart, or sassy? Come up with a list of words that represent the team you're rooting for with the audience in mind. Is there a mascot you want to work into the slogan? Now, try to come up with a few short, catchy slogans that will both get your audience up and get your team to rally. Say them aloud, and try them out on a few different people. Get feedback and use it wisely. You'll be sure to have a great slogan that will really rile up your team!
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1. Ask yourself what you want your slogan to do. You may want to motivate people to come to the next game, to inform them of what a good team or school they have or to point to specific
1. Show up to practice or games with a smile and be excited. Ad. 2. Give your teammates a good pep talk before a game. Tell them they can do it. 3. Encourage your teammates during
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How to Write a Team Spirit Slogan
Slogans are everywhere. They advertise. They remind. They inspire. They tickle the funny bone. Everyone seems to have one and if you want to promote team spirit, you probably should, too. Whether its purpose is temporary, ("Kill the bulldogs!") or more... More »
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