What is "Tec the Tractor"?


Tec the Tractor is a television program for infants and young children. Tec the Tractor lives on the Family Farm, where he helps out with the chores alongside his pals Tommy the Trailer, Carolyn the Cow, and many others. Though he means well, it seems that Roy the Farmer and his young daughter Katy are constantly saving Tec when he gets into trouble on the farm. Little ones enjoy this live-action series featuring real barnyard animals, and they can learn about social interaction and problem-solving as they watch.
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Wales in England.
"It is filmed..." ...in Wales. It was originally entitled "Tecwyn y Tractor," and was first broadcast in Welsh. It was made by S4C International. S4C holds the
A cartoon dog. . Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment. TurboB. 12 months ago.
thanks alex. I should have thought of that. I can try. They are in Wales. Surprisingly they have a great show with a voice over in english. Its really cool for kids. . gr8dane. 42
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