What is modern technology?


The term "modern technology" refers to any type of scientific development since the Middle Ages, although it is widely used to refer to contemporary advancements. Because modern technology transcends centuries and encompasses both electronic and non-electronic scientific developments, the context of its usage is important. If the context of its usage is not clear, clarification must be made.

While there is no formal definition for the term "modern technology," the word "modern" is defined as anything occurring within the period of time that encompasses the present and the Middle Ages. The word "technology" is defined as the development of scientific processes or inventions. The two words combine into a single term, therefore, with a combined definition. Despite the inclusion of any scientific invention or advancement since the Middle Ages, the more generic term "modern technology" is widely used to refer to the continuing development and advancement of electronic instruments.

The Middle Ages ended between the latter half of the 15th century and the early part of the 16th century. Due to the disparity in time, when referring to a type of technology that is not specifically electronic based, it is best to include the field with the term. For example, "modern medical technology" is used to refer to recent advancements in the understanding of disease or illness.

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