How can you run away and live on the streets as a teen?


Teens running away is unfortunately a fairly common occurrence. There are much better--and safer--ways to deal with problems that arise. Speak with a trusted friend, counselor, or spiritual advisor before running away.
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1. Consider your options carefully. If this is a temporary problem (anger or feelings) please consider other options. Running away is extremely dangerous, and should only be used
A few reasons teens run away- 1- They Don't Feel Loved. 2- They Don't Like A Step Dad, Step Mom, Etc. 3- Abuse. 4- They Feel They Are Mature And Can Handle Life On Their Own. 5- Peer
The National Runaway Switchboard states children cite a feeling that their
1. Assign teens to teams or running buddies with similar running ability. Differentiate training based on the ability of the team or pair. Teens enjoy social activity with their peers
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