Tell City Furniture Company?


Tell City Chair Company is sometimes referred to as the Tell City Furniture Company. This company began back in November 1865 and was still operating until 2011. This is when they closed the factory after 146 years. When it first began it was called Chair Makers Union. It was founded only seven years after Tell City was founded. The pieces of furniture are highly collectible. Pieces like a Lingerie Chest can bring in more that $3,000.
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Hello. My husband was a young forester on the Tell City Ranger District of the Hoosier National Forest when we wed at Hemlock Cliffs, Indiana, 32 years ago. Tell City furniture was
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Santa Fe Company (Oklahoma City) store hours are 10AM-6PM (Central time, Mon-Sat). P: 1-888-241-1990.
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Tell City Chair Co furniture is relatively cheap. They usually charge around $15 per item. They appraise items in order to get the most out of them. There are ...
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