Tell When a Molly Fish Is Pregnant?


You can tell if a Molly fish is pregnant if you can see the bulge in the stomach. Usually, they are pregnant for around one month. The birth rate for these fish is very high.
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The length of the pregnancy of a Molly Fish is approximately four weeks, and the babies are born live. The babies should always be separated from the mother at birth because she will
1. Watch the size of the orange mollie's stomach, which will begin to grow larger and rounder as pregnancy advances. 2. Look for a dark, triangle-shaped spot near the fish's tail.
it depends on whatcolour the fish is, if its black than its quite difficult to see but if its silver or Dalmatian than you should be able to see a black dot underneath it and they
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You can tell if your balloon Mollie is pregnant by checking for any growth in her belly. The fish may also begin moving away from other fish in the tank to find ...
It is very common for the Black Molly fish to become pregnant. The fish are known to stay pregnant almost their entire lifetime. On average, the Black Molly fish ...
Molly fish are usually pregnant for up to 60 days. The great thing about this type of fish is that it can get pregnant without the need for male Molly fishes. ...
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