What are some temperate woodland and shrubland plants?


According to the website, Biomes of the World, temperate woodland and shrubland plants include wildflowers between oak trees. Winters are mild and summers are dry and this gives rise to fires. Some plants develop a resistance to fire and re-grow from their roots after having burned form the top.
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Some of the temperate forest plants are shrubs, moss, ferns, lichens, maple, birch, beech, oak, hickory, and sweet gum . . . I'm not sure if its the same thing but I hope it helps
Temperate forests' contain many trees and
The temperate woodlands and scrub lands are found on western coast of north and south America, western cape south Africa, and southern west Australia. Here summers are hot and winters
for plants, they adapt to fires, and drought like conditions in the summer. still finding animals sry. Source(s) bio project lol.
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