How do I temporarily repair a cracked tooth?


If a tooth becomes cracked, rinse your mouth out with water and apply a cold compress to the area to ensure that there is no bacteria and blood. If you need a temporary repair solution for a cracked tooth, you can use temporary tooth filling, which is commonly found in drugstores. The substance can smooth jagged edges and insulate the tooth to keep the nerves from being irritated. This is only a temporary solution and a person should visit the dentist as soon as possible.
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It depends on how your dentist chooses to repair the cracked tooth.
Lisa : Sorry, i hope it is not too late for the answer. First, there are not temporary implants (thy only damage bone) Second, if she is planning implant placement i would not recomment
Coolmomo is right. You should definitely try to see if your dentist can do something before you decide to buy veneers. I had a "rough" filling, went back to the dentist
To repair a cracked tooth, a dentist may need to either administer a crown or a filling. The type of treatment used typically depends on the severity of the crack. Minor surface cracks
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