Tenderizing T Bone Steak?


The best way to tenderize a T Bone steak is to marinate it before cooking. This can be done from an hour before cooking, to completely overnight. Meat tenderizer powder can be mixed with other seasonings to your own taste.
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1. Choose the right T-bone steak. Look for USDA Prime or USDA Choice meat. Most prime grade meat is sold to restaurants and specialty markets. If you are lucky enough to find a USDA
1. Marinate the steak. Marinating the flank steak is 1 way to tenderize it prior to cooking. The flank steak should be allowed to rest, refrigerated, in a marinade comprised of flavorful
If you get a USDA "Select" steak, it is likely to be tougher than an "Choice"
The Tenderloin steak or Filet Mignon.
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How to Cook a Tender T-Bone Steak
A good T-bone steak is an investment in a meal. You expect it to be tender and flavorful. How can you guarantee that your steaks will live up to your expectations come dinner time? Choose the right steak, prepare it properly, cook it quickly and you... More »
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