Who Is Teresa Earnhardt Dating?


Theresa Earnhardt has been seen photographed with Menard's owner John Menard Jr. If the rumors are true, it is the first romantic hookup for Theresa Earnhardt since her Husband Dale Earnhardt Sr. died in February 2001.
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Theresa Earnhardt has been seen with Menard's owner John Menard Jr. on multiple occasions in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Rumor has it the pair were together more romantically than business
Step mother.
The 3rd wife & the widow of Dale Earnhardt. She is the biological mother of Taylor Nicole Earnhardt. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 02:42AM EST.
I'm not showing her phone number. Celebs keep unlisted numbers for
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Teresa Earnhardt is best known for being Dale Earnhardt's last wife before he passed away in the year 2001. Teresa and Dale Earnhardt had one daughter together, her name is Taylor and she was born in 1988. Teresa is also known for being the first woman to own a Nascar team in its history. Dale and Teresa had been married to one another since 1982. Teresa met her late husband at a race in the late seventies.
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