Which type of mulch deters termites?


According to David Beaulieu of About.com, there is no mulch available that consistently deters termites, but certain techniques may help to lower the risk of termite infestation as a result of mulching. Avoid allowing mulch to touch the foundation of the building in question.

There should be no less than 8 inches of exposed foundation above the top of the mulch. This will allow less moisture retention within the foundation, which is a prerequisite for termite infestation. Since all mulches retain moisture, this extra space will help to keep the termites in the mulch rather than allowing them to move into the building.

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Mulches are able to hold in moisture and make soil suitable for termites to tunnel into. Even gravel mulch, if moist enough, will invite termites if the mulch touches a wooden structure
Cedar mulch - It is a natural pest repellent. Here is information from the Univeristy of Florida. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/FR075.
Douse the wood in a half and half bleach and oil. The termites can't eat it.
The moisture retaining properties of mulch are more of an attractant than the
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