What is a Texas sage bush?


The Texas Sage bush is a hardy bush that does not require a lot of care. It can tolerate droughts and like full sun areas. A Texas Sage Bush does need to be trimmed to keep them looking neat.
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1. Select a planting location that provides full sun and good drainage. Shade promotes leggy growth and poor flowering, and overly wet soil will kill Texas sage brush. 2. Test your
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A sage bush is the herb sage in plant form, there are several varieties, photos in
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How to Care for a Texas Sage Bush
Texas sage brush (Leucophyllum frutescens) is a beautiful, hardy plant that is native to Texas and Mexico. According to the Texas Native Plants Database, Texas sage brush has silvery gray leaves and purple flowers that bloom from summer through autumn.... More »
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Texas sage is an evergreen shrub that is native to Texas. It is actually not a true sage plant. To prune it, you should use pruning shears. Prune during the growing ...
There are several things to do in order to plant Texas Sage. First is to get a good location, preferably one with full sunlight. Once your area is prepared, plant ...
Sage originally comes from the area around the Mediterranean Sea. Sage is a very fragrant bush that has a light purple flower. Sometimes a white or pink flower ...
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