How to Clean Solar Screens?


Solar screens can be cleaned in many ways. They can be cleaned using household products such as Windex as well as special products. Then a person can use a lint free cloth.
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1. Use a Phillips head screw driver to untwist the clips that clamp the screen into place when removing a stationary solar screen. 2. Carefully remove the solar screen from the window
I had solar screens installed by absolute solar inc. The # is, ( 817)986-5621. My electric bill went down about 30 to 40% compared to last summer. They came with a life time warranty
SolarScreen provide advanced glass filming technology for environmental, energy saving,
The next total solar eclipse will be on July 11, 2010. You can view projections on NASA's website.
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1. Spray the screens with a hose to remove as much dirt, dust and debris from the screens as possible. 2. Mix 2 tbsp. of a mild soap, such as liquid dish soap, ...
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