What is "Texas Ware Melmac"?


Texas Ware Melmac, sometimes called Dallas Ware, is a line of melamine (plastic) dishes manufactured by Plastics Manufacturing Co., from the late 1950s to the 1990s, in Dallas, Texas. This product line included solid-color and pattern-stamped dish sets and the ever-popular splatter-patterned mixing bowls.

The multicolored splatter-patterned mixing bowls, a staple in many kitchens even today, regained popularity when Rachel Ray released her own line of mixing bowls, which she referred to as "garbage" bowls that closely resemble the original PMC bowls. Texas Ware Melmac products, which can be identified by the molded, raised logo on the bottom, are a popular collectors item available through antique dealers, estate auctions and online through various merchants.

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1. Turn plastic tableware over to examine the back for stamps or other markings; use a magnifying glass, if necessary. Authentic Texas Ware is backstamped with the words "TEXAS
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How to Identify Texas Ware Melmac
In the 1950's, innovation, whether it was in automobiles, in homes or in fashion, was everywhere. It was precisely during this time that Americans began to set out meals on colorful, unbreakable and lightweight dishes called Melmac. This popular dishware... More »
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