How to Text a Sleeping Face?


Texting faces are chatting emoticons that are used to express the writer's mood. To text a sleeping face, you need to use brackets and the dash symbol to form '(- -)'. You can also use 'zzz' to indicate that you are on a sleeping mode.
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1. Open a text message on your phone, and choose the person you wish to send the emoticon to. 2. Open the "Symbols" section. Most phones have a separate symbols section
:) :( :p >:) ;) :/ 8) $) :'( :* -_- ^_^. Improved. Don't foreget O.e, XD, O.O, and >.<.
1 Learn the basic ones: :) (happy) :( (sad) >:) (Angry Grin) >:( (Angry Frown) XD (Laugh Out Loud) :P (sticking tongue out) :O (look of surprise) :| (grim look) :3 Ad
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