How Long Is the Recovery for the Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery of the TFCC Ligament Tear?


The recovery for wrist arthroscopy surgery to correct a tear in the TFCC ligament is generally not horribly long. The hand needs to be elevated for two or three days following the surgery. After that, perofrming basic jobs (e.g., desk positions) are possible at around a month to month and a half after the procedure. At two months, you can add other reasonable tasks and begin to drive with the affected wrist again. You shouldn't perform sports for up to four months.
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1-2 months is the average
Ruth, It would seem to me that not choosing to have the scope would lead to further wear and tear, progressive onset of pain, and more arthritis. I know the immobilization period
pain and stiffness. yes.
3 months.
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