What is the menu at TGI Friday's?


The menu at TGI Friday's can be found by using the company website. You can also go to a local restaurant and ask to view a menu before sitting down and ordering. The restaurant offers deals throughout the day.
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Appetizers: Buffalo Wings, Zen Chicken Potstickers, Loaded Potato Skins, Tostado
Where are you getting these menus from. We going to restaurant franchise for 25 years I've never heard of anything like that.
About 45-50 bucks for a good 2 meals, drinks and appitizeres, and tip.
Tomorrow Im going with some friends, and because Im dieting I’d like to know what to eat!
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T.G.I. Friday's (often shortened to "Friday's" in most countries, and stylized "FRiDAY'S", or "T.G.I.s" in the United Kingdom) is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining... More>>
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