Thailand's Allies?


Thailand's allies included nations such as Great Britain, the United States, France, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Pakistan. This was under the old SEATO alliance that became defunct in the late 1970s due to lack of interest and participation. More recently, their joining of the ASEAN, brought them closer to other nations like Burma, Vietnam, and Malaysia. They still maintain very close ties to the United States, and they allow usage of their military bases as they had previously done during the Vietnam War.
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Answer USA, other NATO countrys, EU countrys, Asia Naighboors.'s_allie...
The United States, by far, is the most important ally of Thailand. Who's next is's-...
Check out economic trading.…. It is part of ASEAN, which probably replace SEATO.….
The Muslim rebels in the south of the country are probably the enemies. Also, anyone who is opposed to democracy, civil liberties and human rights is also an enemy of Thailand. As
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