How should you word a "thank you" plaque?


The best “thank you” plaques have wording that is concise, direct and personalized. Plaques are generally displayed on walls, desks and shelves. Concise wording ensures the “thank you” message is large enough to be read by visitors without turning the plaque into an eyesore.

A “thank you” plaque is a way to show appreciation for someone, even when they are no longer in the room with you. Unfortunately, a “thank you” plaque with a confused message quickly becomes meaningless. Let the individual know specifically why they're being thanked. Generic messages tend to lose their meaning as time passes. If many reasons exist as to why to thank an individual, pick the best one in order to keep the layout of the plaque clean and simple. Again, avoid overly generic language. Personalize the plaque with the name and, if applicable, the position of the recipient. A worthy individual may receive many plaques over the course of their career, and specific language helps differentiate this plaque from every other. Include a well-known quote or a symbol of thanks if space allows. An attractive thank you plaque is a valuable possession that a recipient will want to hold onto for years to come.

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