How should you express thanks in response to offers of sympathy?


Senders of sympathy notes, cards, flowers, charitable donations and letters should receive a thank-you note from the recipient. If the bereaved is not up to sending a note, a close friend or relative should complete the task.

A thank-you card is typically short, hand-written and personal. It often begins by thanking the sender for the expression of sympathy, specifically mentioning the departed individual. The card should acknowledge the gesture made by the sender, such as a letter, donation or flower arrangement. Some demonstrations of condolence do not need to be individually and personally recognized, including cards without personal messages, emails or other online demonstrations of sympathy, as well as funeral home visits and service attendance.

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1. Send thank you notes within two weeks of the funeral, or whatever cause has generated sympathy cards and gifts. 2. Send thank you cards and notes to anyone who made donations,
If you need to write a sympathy thank you card, I would suggest breaking it down into doing two cards. One should be the thank you card for the item or service you received. You should
1. Buy cards with envelopes. The colors and design should be subdued. Since you will be writing a personalized note, choose a blank card or one with very little text; an abundance
Usually just a simple thank you. They understand your pain and are showing as much sympathy as they possibly can. Just a thank you can be a good expression of thanks.
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How to Word a Sympathy Thank You
Finding the right words after times of sorrow can be difficult. Although people do not expect thank you cards for attending funerals or for gifts or flowers sent, if you choose to reply with thank you cards, perhaps some of these ideas will help you find... More »
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A thank-you card should begin with a greeting and then move on to thank the person for the specific gift. It is a good idea to include how the gift is being used ...
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