How do you thank a boss for his or her support?


In order to thank a boss for support, simply write your boss a thank you letter or send them a thank you card. Also, sending a gift basket would be a kind gesture. Lastly, consider baking a nice pie, cake or batch of cookies and giving it to your boss.
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Learning how to say thank you to your boss might be easier than you think. Any manager would be appreciative if her employees did their jobs with little supervision, freeing her for
1. Hand write the thank you note if you have legible penmanship. Use a blue or black pen and high-quality stationery or plain note cards. Alternatively, you could use a business-letter
Well, I could write a beautifully crafted e-mail for you, but I'm not going to do that. I would most certainly deprive you of a learning opportunity. I must say, I have to disagree
1 Consider your manager's previous behaviour. If your boss gives everyone at the same level as you a gift or a cake for their birthday, just say thank you in person and be grateful
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