How do you thaw frozen water lines?


To thaw a frozen water line, melt the ice in the pipe with a hot water bottle or hairdryer. Only turn the main water supply back on when the ice has melted completely. To prevent the pipe from bursting or leaking, you should avoid using a heat gun or blow torch.
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1. Examine the frozen pipe, visually, for damage. Run your fingers along the pipe to feel for cracks. If you find damage, you will have to repair the pipe once it is thawed. 2. Open
Rent or borrow a welder and hook the cables to each end turn it on slow at first, it won't take long to thaw. This is if it's a metal pipe. if it's plastic, your screwed. In the spring
gas should not freez under normal conditions. i would say that you prob have some bad gas with water in it. i would suggest that u pull it in a garage and thaw it out and then drain
Seems to be a quality issue: From. http://www.simplyseafood. com/new. Thawing Seafood. To maintain the quality of frozen seafood, it is best to defrost it in the refrigerator overnight
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How to Thaw a Frozen Water Line
Once you locate a frozen pipe, your approach to thawing the line depends on its location. There are several methods to choose from if the line is visible. You may need to try a combination of methods before the line is free-flowing again. Inaccessible... More »
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