Does the AP ledger require a subsidiary ledger?


The AP ledger, otherwise known as the accounts payable ledger, does not require a subsidiary ledger, however it can be very useful. The subsidiary ledger is simply a group of related accounts that equal the balance in a particular general ledger account when they are combined. This method is especially useful if someone's business has a high volume of payable activity. Without utilizing a subsidiary ledger, the particulars of the payable activities could accidentally be lost in a standard general ledger.
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Companies incorporate several types of subsidiary ledgers in their accounting systems. Common subsidiary ledgers include an accounts receivable ledger and an accounts payable ledger
A control account is an account found in the general ledger such as accounts receivable,accounts payable,inventory etc. The accounts are a summation of entries made in the subsidiary
Details of an account that support the amount in the general ledger. See also accounts payable ledger ; accounts receivable ledger .
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