The Action of a White Blood Cell Engulfing a Bacterium Is?


White blood cells are the body's fighter cells. They attack foreign invaders to help keep individuals well. The action of a white blood cell engulfing a bacterium is phagocytosis.
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That process is called
Phagocytosis: One of Three types of endocyctosis (along with pinocytosis, and receptor-mediated endocytosis) Phagocytosis involves the extension of the cell membrane in the form of
They engulf the pathogen in order to see it's DNA. After that, another type of white blood cell looks to see if that particular pathogen is similar (it has been there before, or if
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Phagocytes are responsible for engulfing and destroying bacteria. ...
The cells that engulf and digest bacteria and other foreign substances as well as debris from dead cells are the white blood cells. This process is called phagocytise ...
A Phagocyte will destroy bacteria as the white blood cells fight all of the pathogens. The Phagocytes will engulf the bacteria. A liter of human blood has approximately ...
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