The Amount of Matter in a Given Space Is Called?


The total amount of matter in a given space can be measured in terms of density. Everything on earth, be it living or not, has a density, including the air we breathe. This is where we get the term 'dense', which in this context means something that is harder than the other things around it.
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== Density not volume!!! the amount of matter in a given space=density == Mass.
Dark matter is thought to comprise about 22 per cent of'the-amount...
The amount of space matter occupies is volume. If you are trying to find the area of a rectangle, square, or parallelogram, you use the formula base times height. The base length
The amount of matter in an object is called its mass. On earth, mass and weight are generally the same. However, the mass of an object remains the same, but the weight changes when
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The term that describes the amount of space that something takes up is volume. Volume of a rectangular object can be determined by the equation length times width ...
The amount of matter in an object is called mass. Mass is also referred to when referring to what the amount of inertia in an object is called. An object at rest ...
The amount of mass in a given amount of space in an object is the volume. Anything or object that has mass has a volume. So for instant, a ball would have volume ...
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