The Cattle of the Sun God?


The Cattle of the Sun God were found on the island of Thrinacia and they were protected by Helios' daughters named Lampetie and Phaethusa. When the sun god Odysseus and his crew landed on that island, he ordered his men not to get close or touch the cattle which is a promise they broke when hunger hit the land. They sacrificed one of the finest cattle and feasted on it. They were later heavily punished by Zeus.
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Odysseus sailed away from Thrinacia, only to have his boat destroyed by Zeus. He floated on driftwood to Ogygia, the lush tropical island of Calypso.
Helios is the sun god. Odysseus had been warned by Circe and Tiresias of the
Odysseus men ate the Sun God's cattle because they were hungry. Thus, they pitted themselves in a conflict with Lord Helios in a man vs. god conflict. RESOLUTION: As soon as they
follow directions/do as you are told and things will work out. but if you don't listen, things will only get worse.
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