The Continents Fit Together Best in the Pangaea Configuration When?


Pangaea is the super-continent in the theory of continental drift which all the southern continents broke away from leading to their formation. The theory of continental drift supports that the continents fit together best in the Pangaea configuration when the present shorelines are matched.
Q&A Related to "The Continents Fit Together Best in the Pangaea..."…. here is a map/picture.…. will explain how it does fit.
Pangea was the supercontinent that existed during't-the-outli...
Pangea did fit perfectly together. However, if you tried to fit the continents into Pangea again today, you'd have difficulty. This is because their coastlines are changed due to
It's not "look like", they actually fit together as they was from the same great pangaea (225 million yrs ago)… There is
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Long ago it is believed that all of the continents were actually one large land mass. This large land mass was called Pangaea. It is unsure if this was actually ...
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