The Doll's House by Katherine Mansfield?


The Doll's House is a very good short story written by Kathrine Mansfield. The story was written in the year 1922. The stories setting was in the early 1900's,
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The main symbol in the The Dolls House by Katherine
The inciting incident in this brilliant short story is outlined to us in the first few lines of the tale, when we see the way in which a gift can be used to heighten social divisions
These sites might be able to help but if not, try scanning the map onto a computer and then printing it off.
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Published in 1922, The Doll's House is a short story by New Zealand writer, Katherine Mansfield. The story is usually interpreted to be an exploration of class ...
Central to understanding the story is realising how Mansfield is using the Kelvey sisters and the way they are treated to point out how cruelly class distinctions ...
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