The Effects of Smoking Parsley?


Although parsley is a poor man's version of cannabis it still has effects. Parsley has many vitamins and is healthy. Smoking parsley also may give you a buzz of euphoria.
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There are no known effects of smoking parsley to the human body.
Not Medical Advice: Smoking parsley may produce some euphoria or act as a mild aphrodisiac. Not much research on its toxic side effects. Be safe.
As expected, there is the risk of cancer, such as lung, colon, rectum, pancreas and stomach. However, pipe smoking has a higher risk of cancers of the larynx, lungs and oropharynx
Your retarded stick with weed.
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The Effects of Smoking Parsley
Long before the 1960s when smoking parsley was a poor man's substitute for cannabis (marijuana), parsley was the most commonly known herb worldwide and throughout history. It was used medicinally, both as a food and as the basis for traditions and... More »
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