The Effects of Smoking Parsley?


Although parsley is a poor man's version of cannabis it still has effects. Parsley has many vitamins and is healthy. Smoking parsley also may give you a buzz of euphoria.
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There are no known effects of smoking parsley to the human body.
Not Medical Advice: Smoking parsley may produce some euphoria or act as a mild aphrodisiac. Not much research on its toxic side effects. Be safe.
i actually just tried that haha cuz i was really bored. but like i didnt inhale it so i dont really know =/ sorry. ^ He/she is a retard. Why smoke something and not inhale?
As expected, there is the risk of cancer, such as lung, colon, rectum, pancreas and stomach. However, pipe smoking has a higher risk of cancers of the larynx, lungs and oropharynx
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The Effects of Smoking Parsley
Long before the 1960s when smoking parsley was a poor man's substitute for cannabis (marijuana), parsley was the most commonly known herb worldwide and throughout history. It was used medicinally, both as a food and as the basis for traditions and... More »
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